It is my goal to provide exceptional, personalized plastic surgery care to both children and adults.

I have always derived immense personal satisfaction in caring for children with craniofacial problems.  From cleft lips to missing ears, from vascular lesions to misshapen skulls, I love feeling that I can affect a positive change in the lives of my youngest patients.  As a father of 9 children, I am keenly aware of the worries that all parents feel when they are seeking medical care for a child.  In my pediatric practice, it is my goal to minimize that stress and worry as much as possible and to care for my pediatric patients as I would care for one of my own children.

While much of my practice focuses on children, I also find fulfillment in providing a broad spectrum of reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures to adult patients.  I recognize that every patient comes with unique goals and needs.  I make it a priority to understand these individual needs so that I can develop a highly personalized treatment plan and provide a superb result.