For many people, the earliest signs of aging are first seen in the face and neck. Creases, vertical banding and fatty jowls can combine to make you look older than you actually are. The good news is a neck lift can improve these signs of aging and rejuvenate the neck by tightening the skin and underlying muscles, as well as enhancing the jawline contour.

Why Consider Neck Lift Surgery?

People generally opt for a neck lift for cosmetic reasons. If your neck skin is too loose, if the neck muscles are lax and have a banded appearance or if your chin and jawline are not as defined as your would like, then a neck lift may help. At your office consultation, Dr. Earl Gage will evaluate your face and neck and help you understand whether a neck lift is right for you. Sometimes, he may suggest getting a neck lift in combination with a facelift or other cosmetic procedure. However, depending on your needs, a neck lift can also be done as a “stand-alone” procedure. Restoring your youthful appearance and confidence, doesn’t have to be difficult. Neck lift surgery can help.

Who Are The Best Candidates For Neck Lift Surgery?

The best candidates for neck lift surgery are healthy, active men and women whose neck skin has begun to sag. They may be unhappy with the loose skin or excess fat under their chin. The chin and jawline may have less definition than in the past. They often want a more youthful facial appearance and the self-confidence that comes along with it. Ideally, neck lift patients should be non-smokers who do not have any health conditions that increase their risk of bleeding or healing complications after surgery.

How Are Neck Lift Surgeries Done?

A neck lift is generally done under general anesthesia, although it can also be safely done under local anesthesia with sedation. Dr. Gage most often performs neck lift surgery through small incisions behind the ears and just beneath the chin. Through these incisions, he will remove excess fat and tighten the neck muscles to give a more youthful, toned appearance. The inconspicuous incisions are then closed and a light bandage applied. You may be asked to wear a supportive chin strap for several days. You can expect some bruising early on, but this generally resolves over the first 2-3 weeks after surgery. In most cases, you may resume full activity within a couple weeks.

Why Choose Dr. Gage For Your Neck Lift?

Dr. Gage believes every patient has unique needs. Dr. Gage is committed to listening to your goals and concerns and providing you with highly personalized, attentive, exceptional care. He also believes that you deserve the same level of care and attention that he would provide to a member of his own family, including making himself available to address your questions or concerns before and after your surgery.

To learn more about neck lifts and how to rejuvenate your face and neck, contact Dr. Gage today for an initial consultation at (314) 251-4530.