Breast reconstruction aims to restore your breast after it has been surgically removed following breast cancer surgery. Most women are candidates for breast reconstruction, and many women feel that breast reconstruction is an important step in becoming whole after an unexpected cancer diagnosis.

There are two broad strategies in reconstructing the breast. The first uses breast implants to restore the breast. This is called alloplastic or implant-based breast reconstruction. This is the most commonly used approach and offers excellent results with perhaps the shortest recovery and quickest return to full activity.

The second approach involves rebuilding the breast using your own body tissue by shifting that tissue from one place to another. The most commonly used tissue for this type of reconstruction is skin, muscle and fat from the tummy or the back. This breast reconstruction approach may take longer to perform in the operating room and require a longer recovery. However, there may be factors about your health or your cancer diagnosis which make this approach safer or better for you.

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