Eyelid ptosis occurs when your upper eyelid sags too low. It may be a gradual result of aging or may arise after an eye infection or other injury. When the sagging is minor, it may give your eyes a tired or half-asleep appearance. When the eyelid sagging is more severe, the upper eyelid can actually partially cover your pupil and limit your vision. Whether your ptosis is minor or severe, eyelid ptosis surgery can help to refresh your eyes, make you look for vibrant and awake and improve your vision. When the eyelid ptosis is severe enough to affect vision, your surgery may also be covered by insurance.

Eyelid ptosis surgery may be done as an awake procedure with a small amount of numbing medicine injected in the skin of the upper eyelids. If you prefer, the procedure may also be done with some sedation to help you feel comfortable during the procedure. Eyelid ptosis correction is often done through a small upper eyelid incision. The goal of the surgery is to tighten the eyelid muscle that sets the position of the upper eyelid so that the eyelid lies in its correct position. It is also important to achieve symmetry in the upper eyelid position.

While you will likely have some bruising and swelling immediately after surgery, most people who have eyelid ptosis surgery have very little discomfort from the procedure. The incision generally heals very well and can be nearly invisible.

Dr. Gage has more than 10 years of surgical experience and is committed to taking the time to evaluate your eyelid concerns and formulate an individualized treatment plan to ensures you will have a natural and beautiful results. If you would like to discuss how Dr. Gage can improve your eyelid ptosis, please call the office for a consultation at (314) 251-4530.