Skin lesion removal surgery removes pigmented skin lesions, cysts or other abnormal or unsightly growths. Many of these lesions are non-cancerous and not dangerous to you. Often, they are simply nuisance lesions that you want to remove because of their embarrassing appearance. However, sometimes moles or other skin lesions that don’t look worrisome turn out to be skin cancers. Others may be non-cancerous now but have the potential to turn into cancers if not removed. For these reasons, removal of moles, cysts or other skin lesions, particularly those which are growing and changing, should be considered.

If you have a skin lesion or cyst you would like to have removed, you should consider seeing a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons are experts at giving you the smallest, least noticeable scar possible. These procedures can often be done using numbing medicine injected around the lesion to be removed. This means you may not need to have a full, “go-to-sleep” type anesthetic for this minor procedure. When necessary, the lesion will be sent to a pathologist who will examine the removed tissue under a microscope to be certain there are no cancer cells.

These procedures often lasts 30 minutes or less and result in very minor discomfort as you heal. Recovery is quick, and there are very few restrictions after your procedure.

If you would like to discuss how Dr. Gage can help you get rid of an unsightly or worrisome moles and skin lesions, please call the office for a consultation at (314) 251-4530.