My son came into this world as a baby with a incredibly rare syndrome called Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome aka BWS, this syndrome is an over growth syndrome that can cause Wilms tumors due to rapid growth. Luckily the only thing so far he’s been proven to have is a mildly big tongue that caused him some speech issues, & an underbite. Dr.Gage was his plastic surgeon when it came to his tongue reduction. He did an incredible job. The healing process was about 6 weeks but over all when you look at my son you wouldn’t even know he was born with a bigger tongue. When he sticks it out to be silly there are no scars from stitches. Dr.Gage really takes his gift as a plastic surgeon and works his magic. He has a great team include DeAnn Wilson. They both filled us with comfort in making the decision to proceed with the surgery and I don’t regret it at all. If you’re looking for someone who treats every client as if it’s their own child going into surgery please look into Dr.Gage and his team!